Our scope of activity Services

Strategic consulting
Business, Marketing, and political strategic advising are key areas of general management consulting, as the foundation of outstanding performance is prudent planning. We aim to redefine social science discourses along the lines that the Institute and the scientific public opinion deem important. We would also like to help the preparation of long-term cycle-based strategic decisions.
Public opinion and market research
Our thematic and general public opinion polls reveal the most important features and motivations of Hungarian society: political-ideological preferences, different social prejudices and value preferences, and general beliefs about current public events. We can examine corporate and social household, consumer habits and beliefs as well as the background variables that define them.
Economic consulting and analysis
Our economic advisory activity is primarily focused on general and sectoral, specific analysis and business-cycle economic forecasting at domestic and international macroeconomic levels. Economic analysis is an indispensable tool of corporate and political economic management, essentially it is a method for better understanding, judging and developing economic decisions and activities.
Policy advice, analysis
The Institute also provides a wide range of public and policy counselling services for Hungarian and multinational companies, governmental agencies, local governments and foreign investors which includes policy monitoring as well as domestic policy and risk analysis.
Politikai tanácsadás, elemzés
Az Intézet széles körű köz- és szakpolitikai tanácsadási szolgáltatásokat nyújt magyar és multinacionális társaságok, kormányzati szervek, önkormányzatok és külföldi befektetők részére, amely magában foglalja a szakpolitika-figyelést valamint a belpolitikai háttér és kockázat elemzést is. Kutatásaink a szerteágazó szakpolitikai területeket fednek le, az oktatáspolitikától a közigazgatáspolitikáig, valamint a szociálpolitikától a médiapolitikáig.
Foreign policy consultancy
For its clients, our Institute enables the deeper understanding of international political processes and the responsible assessment of various international risks. During our work, we aim to get the most accurate information for our partners about the political, economic and social processes of their chosen country, helping them to make better strategic choices. We present our partner with extensive and innovative international good practices which can be used in their fields of expertise.
Communication training
The Institute provides relevant knowledge and skills to politicians, business and non- governmental organizations so they can more easily navigate in the spheres of media and communication. We help our customers to have more professional, targeted and efficient communication. In addition to our educational activities, we also provide comprehensive media policy and market analyses. Through our thematic media monitoring, we provide our customers with relevant news and information divided into sectors. Our Institution has broad experience in the efficient and targeted use of media 2.0.
Leadership training
With our leadership training we aim to develop both theoretical and practical leadership knowledge. Through our training we pay special attention to the management, problem-solving, and efficiency-enhancing issues of organizations. During the development of leadership competences, we strengthen the participants’ project approach and they also acquire the necessary management toolkit, knowledge and skills for successful programs and projects.
Anti-Corruption Research
Our Institute maintains close relations with international and domestic corruption research centers, so we can perform in-depth analysis of corruption impact on economic life and political systems, the latest corruption techniques and the fight against them at both a social and a corporate level.
Central European Affairs
Central European Affairs is the digital magazine of our Institute. It provides analysis of the most distinguished topics related to democracy, rule of law, authoritarianism, human and digital rights in Central Europe. In CEA Talk, the journal’s podcast, international experts give insights into details of international politics and business.
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